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Round Long Hairy Autumn And Winter Nest Pad Cat Mattress

Original price $40.79 - Original price $175.25
Original price
$40.79 - $175.25
Current price $46.27
Color: A green

1. The bed can be machine-washed or hand-washed for easy care. In addition, in order to keep the plush soft, smooth and fluffy, you can often dry it on sunny days.
2. The anti-slip bottom is designed with glue spots, which is anti-slip and durable.
3. Made of super soft and super warm plush, it really brings soft care to your pet. High-quality PP cotton allows your pet to have a good and deep sleep.
4. Suitable for small pets from cats to large dogs.

1. Made of plush, super soft and very warm.
2. Comfortable hand, 4 cm plush, pets love to sleep.
3. Pure color, beautiful design, it is a beautiful bed.
4. Lightweight
5. Easy to clean and wash.
6. Non-toxic and tasteless materials, easy for pets to adapt.

Product information:

Material: cloth
Product category: cat litter, kennel
Color: red, dark gray, rubber, bright pink, light gray, white, leather pink, apricot, brown, dark green, beige, beige, blue
Size: outer diameter 40CM outer diameter 50CM outer diameter 60CM outer diameter 70CM outer diameter 80CM outer diameter 100CM outer diameter 110CM


Package Contents:
1 bed