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Pet Anti-mosquito Collar Cat Dog Adjustable Insect Repellent Collar Pet Supplies

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1. This kind of collar eliminates fleas and mosquitoes and other insects by soaking them with plant extracts for several months. Provide high-quality comfort for your pet
2. It is safe for pets and humans.
3. Avoid the trouble of monthly treatment
4. It is made of natural plants and will not harm the dog's health.
5. This wool-removed collar is waterproof, and it is not necessary to remove the collar when the animal is bathing. more,
6. It is very light and will not burden the dog.
7. This collar can be adjusted according to the size of your pet. If it is too long, you can trim the excess length.
8. When you receive the collar and take it out of the package, the concentration of the collar components is higher. If your pet is young, it is recommended to keep it in a safe place for 1-3 days, and then wear the collar for your pet . Avoid pet allergic reactions (99% of cats and dogs do not respond, but some pets are weaker)

1. Recommended by the veterinarian
2. Made with high-quality natural ingredients
3. Up to 8 months of protection
4. Helps prevent skin pain and itching caused by fleas and ticks
5. Does not contain irritating chemicals, such as SLS, parabens, DEA and gluten
6. Safe and effective-proud of being non-allergic

Product information:
Name: Dog flea collar
Material: TPR silica gel + effective powder
Size: length 65 width 1.4cm
Packing: aluminum box
Name: Cat flea collar
Material: TPR silica gel + effective powder

length 38 and width 1cm.

Packing list: