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Kitty Play House

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Cat Tree Furniture Tower Climb Activity Tree Scratcher Play House Kitty Tower Furniture Pet Play House

material: Sisal

Type: cats

SKU: AMT0014 AWJ0420

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Wood

Kind: Toy For Cat

Color: Gray beige

Brand Name: Speedy pet

Domestic Delivery Cat Furniture Wood Product Scratching Post Stairs Cat Playing Funny Climbing Frame Kitten House Jumping Toy


· EXQUISITE & MODERN DESIGN:Inspired by sky city, this cat tree creates an elegant and stylish cat sky castle for your furry friends. 2-layer loft with cute holes provides a perfect hideaway while with the help of the step-like platforms, even your kitty can go up to the top hammock easily. The best part is the top transparent space capsule nest which is lightweight and modern, and you can see clearly when your cat napping in it.

·MULTI-LEVEL FUN:All those interactive and spring balls will attract your cat’s interest and provide the thrill when swatting or batting. 100% sisal covering posts satisfy cat’s nature of scratching. 2 roomy condos are super comfortable for your pet to roll, with lateral door and round holes are designed for cats to observe outdoor as well as allowing them to get in the top nest. Functional nest is removable, which can also load cat’s lovely toys.

· DURABLE & STABLE STRUCTURE:Made by thick and environmentally friendly CARB-certified natural particle boards with sturdy base, this cat tree provides ultimate stability for your feline friends' safety. All pillars are wrapped with high-quality natural sisal, which is durable and wear-resistant and prevent cats from damaging furniture. Well-proportioned staircases keep the overall balance of this cat tree so that even an overactive cat will feel safe and relax when jumping or leaping to it.

· CLEAN & COZY LIFESTYLE:Crafted with a contemporary feel in natural wood grain, clean yet beautiful, reflecting the unique charm of modern pet home, this cat tree will be the one you want to show off. Combine with the removable & washable mat on each platform not only provide the best protection for your kitten, but also for easy cleaning. Ultra-soft cushion is carefully put in every condo offering a warmer and cozier environment to play and sleep.

· WORRY-FREE INSTALLATION:Comes with an instruction manual and all necessary hardware and tools, it is super easy to assemble it step by step. If you have any questions about the product or are not satisfied with the product, please feel free to contact me, we will provide you with the best solution, your satisfaction is our biggest concern.

· FULL SISAL COVERED SCRATCHING POST: Wooden cat tree scratching posts are fully wrapped with 100% natural sisal rope, durable and more scratch-resist compared with flush fabric covered scratcher post in the market. Heavy duty cat tower with wood material adds extra stability and long-lasting quality.

· 4 LAYER PLATFORM & 2 CONDOES: Cat tree tower with 4-tier platform with relatively even intervals makes it much easier for cats climbing up and down with no worries of injury of high distance. 2 roomy hideaway cat playhouses with plenty of lounging room for your kittens to curl up and nestle into for privacy and extra comfort.

· EXCLUSIVE LUXURY FOR INOODR CATS: Large platforms with 2 removable mats which are gentle to nose and paws, providing a relatively comfortable surface for your feline friend to rest, sleep and play. Can trees and towers with stylish and simple appearance can adapt to the any decoration styles of different houses, practical, fashion, luxurious.

· INTERACTIVE CAT TOY: A flush dangling ball is added on the top of the cat activity center to arouse kitty’s interest on catching movable things. It can also be removed or replaced by other cat toys. This all-in-on cat tower is perfect for climbing and scratching and having endless fun indoors.



DOUBLE SAFTY:This 4 level construction cat tree covered by soft plush has a decent base with size of 24”L X 14”W that add significant solidity. The secure strap allow it fixed to the wall that prevent it from tippling over.
EFFECTIVE TO PROTECT FURNITURE:2 fully scratching posts and the ramp covered with different sisal provide different scratching sensation and allow cats to sharpen and trim their nails. It comes with a pampam ball that entice them to have more activities. They will enjoy hours and hours fun with the cat tree instead of clawing your expensive furniture.
DIFFERENT HEIGHT EXPERIENCE:2 Well Padded Perches provide different heights of view advantage as yawning on the larger perch to enjoy the sunshine, watching the birds outside window or getting to the highest perch to observe surrounding.

WONDERFUL RELAXATION SPOT:Fluffy cubbies offer a quiet and private place to rest and nap.the floor-level apartment requires no steps is perfect for senior cat. the ramp stand by help stretch their body and provide aid to clime up to the upper layer



【Solid Construction for Maximum Safety】Stability is always the Priority. Heavy and widen base supported by reinforced Post in 3.5” Diameter give reliable sturdy. This modern and clean cat tree comes with a strap allowing it to fix to the wall and prevent from tippling over.

【Super Large Condos for Better Experience】2 Super large condos measuring 15.7”x15.7” provide spacious room for cats of all size and ages. The enclosed design creating a scene of security provides a quiet and safe space for better sleep. The soft cushioned pad inside make it more cozy and comfortable.
【Perfect Combination of Traditional Carpet and Stylish Design】Unlike the traditional cat tree , the main structure of this cat tower covered with wooden surface makes it outstanding and looks clean and modern. while 2 top platforms covered with soft plush with raised rim provide strong support and maximum comfort when they take a nap on it.
【Multi Function for Endless Fun】4 level constructions satisfy cats’ needs to climb and seek different height. It is equipped with 6 posts at different levels covered by either felt or natural sisal provide different scratching experience. The two top perches are perfect height for birds view, which are pampam balls that give extra fun.
【Clear Instruction for Easy Assembly】All hardware and step by step instruction are included. It is easy to set it up.


  • STURDY AND SAFE: Stability is always priority. The bottom base is reinforced that ensure its stability of the whole cat tree

  • WIDEN AND SPACIOUS: The extra large top perch with raised cushion rim offer maximum comfort for feline friend while they are lounging and looking out window They will definitely enjoy it

  • COZY AND PRIVACY: The dual condos is covered with ultra soft plush or felt, and the enclosed design creating a sense of security provide them a quiet place to curl up for snoozing

  • HEALTY AND FUN: Full wrapped with natural sisal, the scratching post satisfy will completely satisfy their instinct of scratching and help them maintaining a healthy habits of clawing

  • REASONABLE AND DETACHABLE: Your little “tiger” are fascinated with the fuzzy ball. With the unique design, the dangling ball will be strong enough not to be destroyed. What’s better,the spare replacement is included

Dimensions: L * W * H = 76.5 * 30 * 112 cm. This scratching post with large space can be used with 2-3 cats. Each apartment is placed on the lower platform with a soft pillow and removable anti-slip mats that meet the demands of jumping and scratching.

Fascinating Look: The first thing that comes to mind when you see this cat furniture, we would say its looks. Good looking and exquisite design make this scratching post a stylish piece of furniture in your room.

Robust construction: Well-made wooden board guarantees a more stable and practical cat house. Due to the scratching posts, this scratching post not only corresponds to the nature of the cat, but also strengthens its stability.

Reliable Quality: Durable materials, high-density veneer panels, and refined craftsmanship ensure you get your kitten a useful, good-looking, and worthy scratching post.

Easy assembly: Don't worry about assembling our cat apartment. It comes with a step-by-step instruction manual and tools.


· Trustworthy Stability & Sturdiness: Crafted from CARB-certified Board for extra durability, all pillars are covered with natural sisal rope which better strengthen the robustness, and a 17.2”*18.8” board with a large condo on it as its base, your fury friend can jump in and out of the cat tree safely without worrying about tipping over.

· Extra Large Hammock: This hammock is fixed on two sisal covered posts, covered with best quality soft push fabric, and manufactured the size of 35cm/13.8” in diameter,16cm/6.3” in depth, your active baby will be able to soak into the hammock and get deep rejuvenated sleep. The pillars it attached to are covered with natural sisal, your cat can reach out them to satisfy their nature of scratching while lying in the comfy bucket.

· Versatile Rest & Entertainment Complex: Multiple layers are designed for cats to bounce up and down to acquire plenty of exercise. Cats can fight with the dangling ball to entertain themselves and train their hunting skills. Along the way they jump around the cat tree, posts covered with natural sisal allow them to sharpen their claw. After your energetic kitten getting tired, he can sneak into the condo to have a private quiet sleep or nap on the top perch.

· Step-like Platforms with Antislip mat: The layout of platforms are step-like, even little kittens can climb up to the soft top perch easily. Antislip mats are added to 2 big platforms to prevent your active cats jumping or running too fast to control their swift body. Also these mats are replaceable and scratching-resist, which give the cat tree a long life cycle, in all ensuring both safety and enjoyment.

· Easily Assemble & Care: Every package contains a detailed manual, which including all parts of the cat tree with a unique label on. Following the instruction step by step, you will be able to surprise your beloved fury baby really fast. The mats in the condo and top perch are washable, and the surface can be wiped clean easily out of superior CARB-certified board, it will be a perfect playhouse for your cat as well as a good furniture for you.