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Professional LED Nail Clippers - Free Economy shipping!

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$19.98 - $19.98
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Color: White

 Bright LED light clearly illuminates the bleeding line

Nail cutting is intuitive and convenient, so you don’t worry about hurting the cutie.

▪ Tips for cutting nails

When the posture is right, the Mao child will hand over his paws obediently!

▪ Ingenious triangular blade

It fits the shape of pet nails and cuts nails more accurately.

▪ Open and close transparent baffle

Prevent nail splashing and keep it clean and tidy

▪ Tail Rotary File Design

Gently sand the nails after cutting to prevent scratches on clothing and skin

▪ Faux leather handle

Feel comfortable, beautiful and non-slip.

▪ Automatic rebound design

Durable spring, stable resilience, easy to cut armor.

▪ Battery can be replaced

Weight: about 144g
Size: 14.8*4.8*2.3 (cm)
Material: ABS/stainless steel
Battery: LR44*3
Applicable objects: general for cats and dogs