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Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Adult Rabbit 14 Pounds, Complete and Balanced Diet

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  • Brand: Wild Harvest
  • Manufacturer Part Number: G19814
  • Manufacturer: Spectrum Brands
  • Animal Type: Small Animals, small animal
  • Assembled Product Weight: 15 lbs
  • Model: G19814
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 23.00 x 15.00 x 3.00 Inches

Wild Harvest bird and small animal products offer a full assortment of nutrition and interactive engagement products for your daily bird and small animal needs. We?re committed to providing your birds and small pets with a complete diet containing the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need for a happy, healthy life. Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Adult Rabbit is a complete and balanced diet blended specifically for healthy and happy furry family members, with a large variety of grasses and vegetables in every bowl. The great-tasting mix of alfalfa, vegetables and Timothy hay creates a diverse blend that encourages natural foraging behavior. This adult rabbit food delivers premium nutrition for developing and maintaining good health. The specially formulated enriched diet ensures that they?ll receive important fiber, vitamins and minerals needed to support a strong body and healthy skin and fur. Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Adult Rabbit offers a comprehensive range of ingredients, including soybean hulls, alfalfa meal, barley, cracked corn, Timothy hay and more. Varied diets are particularly important for rabbits in order to help replicate diets found in their natural habitat and to promote foraging behavior. Foraging for food provides them with important physical and mental stimulation, and it helps keep your pet healthy and happy. Feed small rabbits ¼ cup to ¾ cup daily per rabbit; feed medium rabbits ¾ to 1 cup daily; feed large rabbits 1 to 1 ½ cups daily. Adjust according to consumption. Always provide fresh drinking water with each feeding. *- ADULT RABBIT FOOD: Large variety of grasses and vegetables in every bowl to provide the balanced variety of nutrients that pet bunnies need, with great taste they?ll love. *- ADVANCED NUTRITION: Contains fiber, vitamins and minerals to support a strong body and healthy skin and fur. *- IMPORTANT VARIETY: Delicious mix of alfalfa, Timothy hay and vegetables creates an irresistible blend to replicate diets found in a natural habitat and encourage foraging behaviors. *- DAILY DIET: Feed as directed based on your pet rabbit?s size and weight. *- WILD HARVEST BRAND: Offers a full assortment of nutritional and interactive engagement products.